Discover Udemy! Free Training Courses Online

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(Last Updated On: June 6, 2016)

Udemy is an excellent place to find totally free training courses online.

Free Training Courses Online

Also, they frequently promote their paid courses at greatly reduced rates.

You can enjoy and benefit from Udemy’s free training courses online as a student and you can make money with Udemy by becoming an instructor yourself and by becoming an affiliate.

Given the vast topics covered, you are sure to find many appealing courses for free and that suit your budget.

Udemy is for anyone looking for personal and professional development, that enjoy arts and crafts, are business professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, website developers, designers, writers, photographers, students, teachers, parents, caregivers, the young and the old(er).


Udemy is mobile friendly and they have apps you can download. So you can take advantage and learn anywhere.  It is perfect for people on the go. Avoid those muttering co-workers and take a class on your lunch break, or while you are waiting for your kids.


We’re the world’s online learning marketplace, where 9 million+ students are taking courses in everything from programming to yoga to photography–and much, much more. Each of our 35,000+ courses is taught by an expert instructor, and every course is available on-demand, so students can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on any device.”

Sign up for free Udemy courses and get offers with discounts on their paid courses. After signing up for free courses, I now receive their promotional offers with reduced prices on paid courses which have proven to be a great value. I recently took a terrific course priced at $197.00 for $10.00!


Find the Best Free Udemy Courses

The best way to find free Udemy courses is to visit their website and click “Browse Courses.” Select a category, for example, Marketing, and scroll down to find “Top Free Courses in Marketing” then select “Browse all.” That will bring up a menu on the top left that allows you to sort by Price (Free), Level, and Features.

Free Udemy courses are also peppered in with their paid course listings. Pay attention to the prices listed at the bottom of each course description card to find “Free.” Moreover, you can select a subcategory to find topic specific free courses. Udemy has competitively priced courses too that are quite affordable.

Free Training Courses Online

I have listed some of best free Udemy courses in categories below. This is a varied list to give you an idea of their scope of instruction topics. Scan the list, find a course, and get started.


Free Training Courses Online

Business/Home Business

Free Training Courses Online

Design/Design Tools

Free Training Courses Online

Health & Fitness/Dieting

Free Training Courses Online


Free Training Courses Online


Free Training Courses Online


Free Training Courses Online


Free Training Courses Online

Free Training on Internet Marketing

Below is a free course offered by Mike Omar, owner of Make Money From Home Lions ClubI believe he sent the link out to his email subscribers of which I am one. I could not find the category/subcategory this gem is hidden under, but for a thorough course in setting up a self-hosted WordPress site, niche and marketing fundamentals, this cannot be beaten. Also, Mike offers other courses and in Spanish.

How to Make Money Online: The Passive Income Business Plan

Free Training Courses Online

Udemy’s courses are reviewed by students, so you can benefit from the experience of others to determine if a course is right for you.

Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography Course

Free Training Courses Online

Free Training Courses Online

When you find a course you are interested in, click on it and to the top right you will find the number of Lectures, Video hours, Skill Level, Languages, and what the course Includes. Scroll down to read the Course Description, Curriculum, Instructor Biography, and Reviews.

Once you are signed up with a Udemy account, you can click on the little heart symbol to add the course to your Wishlist or choose to “Start Learning Now” to take the course. Courses have Lifetime Access, a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and provide a Certificate of Completion.

How to Make Money with Udemy

Become an instructor. Take Udemy’s Free instructor course:

How to Create Your Udemy Course

Free Training Courses Online

The official (produced by Udemy) guide to creating your own Udemy course, from start to finish.

“Keep 100% of the revenue when you promote your course; 50% when Udemy promotes it.

Udemy handles all customer service, payment processing and hosting fees, all at no cost to you!

Teach your topic in your own style, and innovate and experiment over time.

Build your courses on your own time using free and easy-to-use course creation tools.

Own the rights to your content and shape your brand with complete control over your course.

Collaborate and communicate with students on your terms with course management tools.

Get the answers you need with 24/7 customer support.

Share and learn best practices with a vibrant, innovative instructor community.”

Become a Udemy affiliate:


Udemy uses the Rakuten LinkShare affiliate network.

“Choose from thousands of courses! As a Udemy affiliate, you have access to thousands of courses created by the world’s top experts.

Use your Udemy affiliate links! Choose from tracking assets including course-specific links, site-wide links, custom links, creatives and more!

Promote on your site or blog! Share Udemy content by adding your tracking links and creatives to your site or blog, email newsletters, or in social media promotions!

Earn money for purchases! The more you promote, the more money you will earn! Earn money for valid purchases through your affiliate tracking links and banners.”

Enjoy Free Training Courses Online

Udemy courses are well laid out and easy to navigate. It is easy to go back and revisit a topic within a course if you need to review it again. You can communicate with the instructors via messaging and they encourage you to leave reviews of their courses.

Sometimes courses are paused in between lectures to ask you to rate them, but you can answer or skip these easily and move on quickly and they are spaced out so they do not interrupt too often.

I appreciate Udemy openly provides listings of their free online courses and does not bury them. I am sure this is part of their smart marketing strategy and it is working on me. I am sold on their learning platform.

Udemy has something for everyone, they are service driven, and they make courses easy for the student to navigate and enjoy.

The trouble now is I have too many free and discounted Udemy courses in my wishlist. So I have to choose which one to take next. I do plan on and look forward to completing them.


There is the school of thought that we do not use or take seriously free products and services as much as if we have to pay for them. I understand the point, but I think it depends on your level of interest.

Some exceptions might be Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube. They are generally free and we spend plenty of time there socializing. Take a little of that time and learn something new at Udemy. You never know what great idea it could lead to.

Now that you are in learning mode if you have an interest in learning how to create your own website(s) and affiliate marketing, read my article What About Wealthy Affiliate?. If you choose to sign up for a free starter account and do not upgrade to a premium membership, please take advantage of the free training for goodness sake. The free membership is valuable. Learn everything you can!

Thank you for reading Discover Udemy! Free Training Courses Online. Do you have experience with Udemy or a course you would like to share? Leave your comment below.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. At zero additional cost to you, I might earn a commission if you purchase something through an affiliate link. I only recommend quality merchants I thoroughly research. Thank you for your support!


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