Elite Blog Academy 3.0 Review

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  • Elite Blog Academy 3.0 Review


Take your blog to the next level with Elite Blog Academy!

Site: eliteblogacademy.com
Cost: In the spring of 2018 the cost was $897 for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP
$0 Monthly Fees
100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Owner: Ruth Soukup
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Enrollment Period: Just once per year for 5 days in the spring.

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2018)

Elite Blog Academy 3.0 is a complete course for bloggers ready to grow their business to the next level.

Elite Blog Academy 3.0 Review

Enrollment for Elite Blog Academy only opens ONCE each year for five days.

This year’s enrollment period was Monday, Mar. 5th, 2018 at 7am EST to Friday, Mar. 9th, 2018 at 11:59pm PST.

Enrollment for 2019 is expected to be held during the same approximate time frame in the spring.

If you missed open enrollment, get on the waiting list so you don’t miss the enrollment period again and get a free copy of EBA’s Blog Structure Blueprint.

Elite Blog Academy Waiting List

Full Disclosure: I am an Elite Blog Academy member. I paid for this course myself. I am also an Elite Blog Academy affiliate. If you choose to join EBA through my link, I may profit at no additional cost to you.

Elite Blog Academy is a professional course on blogging. There are no up-sells and you will not be spammed.

In an easy to follow methodical process, EBA will show you how to

  • refine your message
  • grow your traffic
  • monetize your platform
  • build your business
  • get results

EBA is right for you if you are

  • an ambitious beginner
  • an intermediate blogger
  • a full-time blogger or business owner

What You Should Know up Front About EBA

Before I get into the details, understand this course is best for those with some level of blogging experience.

It is taught with the expectation you have a WordPress blog where you can have affiliate links and advertise.

Not all platforms, especially free, will allow you to monetize your blog.

EBA will benefit you if you are a beginner starting from scratch if you are proficient with your computer and using the Internet.

Just keep in mind you will need to learn WordPress, set up a blog, and learn to write blogging style. Ruth does not teach these things at a 101 level.

You will find detailed instruction on how to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog on the EBA website.

Also, this course is in-depth and takes time. It is mapped out well with video instruction, a syllabus, transcripts, and bonuses.

Each video is highly focused and limited to a maximum of about 10 minutes each, however, there is a lot packed into each unit and there will be work to do before you move on to the next video. The training is intended to be sequential. Skipping around is not recommended.


The EBA Enrollment Fee and How it Works

The ONE-TIME enrollment fee is $897 for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

There are $0 monthly charges.

There is a 3-part payment plan offered for 3 payments of $350.

Elite Blog Academy is an intense, in-depth blogging course that can and will take your blog to the next level. It starts with the premise that you have already set up at least a basic blog and understand the fundamentals of blogging.

Access to EBA is provided on the dedicated EBA 3.0 website and instruction is self-paced.

Once admitted to the course, you will receive your login details via email.

You should plan to spend 5 to 10 hours per week for at least 12 weeks to realistically see dramatic results in 4 to 6 months.

EBA strategies will work if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

It is possible to create a successful business from a blog, and Elite BlogAcademy shares exactly how it’s done, step-by-step..


My Full Review of Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Soukup

What Is Good About Elite Blog Academy?

EBA was designed to be finished. It is doable with some scheduling and dedication to your goals. It cannot be done in a weekend, but it can be done and done well in about 12 weeks.

Ruth Soukup is a focused professional. She gives you what you need when you need it step by step.

She respects your time and gets to the point. Ruth does not pile on with the information you do not need.

Also, Ruth is likable. She shares her success and experience with humility and intelligence.

You will finish EBA and reap the rewards.

What Are the Course Details?

EBA is comprised of 4 Modules containing 3 Units each. Plus there are bonuses as you work through the units.

The modules and units include

1. Refine Your Message

  • Start With Awesome
  • Content Is King
  • Presentation Is Everything

2. Grow Your Traffic

  • Grow Your Platform
  • Grow Your List
  • Rock Your Social Media

3. Monetize Your Platform

  • Show Me The Money
  • Create Your Product
  • Master Sales & Marketing

4. Build Your Business

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • From Blog To Business
  • Lead Your Team

Elite Blog Academy Join The Waiting List

Are There Opportunities To Network?


Elite Blog Academy is a resource for the most successful bloggers, as well as, those working to grow their businesses.

In the past, there was a forum, but with this new release of the program, EBA has created a Facebook Group to make it easier to network and get help.

Also, there is a Class Roster which contains blog and contact information for all EBA participants.

You will have access to connect with the most elite bloggers and everyone like you working on the program.

Are There Live Events With Ruth?

Yes, there are. Ruth hosts live Q&A events monthly throughout the year. You can ask her anything blog related and benefit from questions other students have.

If you cannot attend live sessions, you will have access to the replays.

How Does Ruth Take It To The Next Level?

Ruth does not limit EBA to just blogging. She also shows you how to create products and sell, how to advertise and promote, how to use affiliate marketing, and how to make your blog a business.

What Is Not Good About Elite Blog Academy?

Ruth presents topics as clear and simple as possible, but there may be times when you want more details especially for advanced topics.

This is where communicating with the Facebook Group or reaching out to other bloggers in the Class Roster will help, as well as, the live Q&A sessions.

Also, the cost at $897 is expensive, however, it is for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. EBA does have a payment plan for 3 months at $350 but at that rate, the cost increases to $1,050.

Joining EBA is an investment in yourself and your blogging business. The quality of the course is worth it. When you weigh it against other programs that charge unending monthly fees, it is actually a very good deal.


Is Elite Blog Academy Right For You?

EBA is the best fit for those that

  • have some blogging experience
  • have some knowledge of WordPress
  • are ready to grow their blog into a business
  • have blogged in the past and want to begin again

EBA may not be for you if you

  • already have a profitable blog that is growing
  • want one on one coaching
  • are unable to invest your time and attention
  • do not know WordPress basics
  • are uncomfortable writing for the public

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?


Ruth says

If you complete the course and have not seen measurable results in both traffic and income growth I will give you a full refund.

Elite Blog Academy 3.0 Review

EBA Bonuses

Remember there are bonuses released as you work through the course too!

The first bonus is from Jessica Bowman, who is our social media coordinator here at LWSL Inc. In her bonus, Social Media Made Simple, Jessica breaks down all of the tools and tricks that allow her to run multiple social media accounts for LWSL, EBA, and the Living Well Planner and not go completely crazy. We’re pretty sure it is going to blow you away!

The second bonus is an in-depth training from Ruth that focuses on Pinterest, and specifically how to strategically use Pinterest to grow your audience.

Plus More Bonuses from EBA’s Partners!

  • Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers
  • Still Life From Above
  • Strategies Worth Sharing
  • Twitter Strategy for Bloggers
  • Core Affiliate Strategy
  • The Busy Moms Building Business Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Updating and Optimizing content for Pinterest

Check out Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy NOW!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. At zero additional cost to you, I might earn a commission if you purchase something through an affiliate link. I only recommend quality merchants I thoroughly research. Thank you for your support!


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