Free Just Pay Shipping Book Offer? A Clever Scam

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(Last Updated On: March 15, 2019)

Limited time only. Get your free copy now. Just pay shipping!

Free Just Pay Shipping Book Offer? A Clever Scam

Internet marketers use the “free just pay shipping book offer” scam to sell added products and inflate book sales numbers.

The free just pay shipping book offer is a clever scam running rampant across the Internet. Often used for selling information products, its purpose is to lead buyers into a sales funnel to be pitched more products and services.

In fact, there is training for marketers to learn how to do this that includes ROI calculations and how to advertise on Facebook. (Link is below if you are curious.)

Just pay shipping ads for books are hot right now and prevalent on Facebook.

Aggressive so-called gurus are using this scam to fool people out of $1,000’s of dollars for information that is free.

In addition, the authors use this ploy to inflate their book sales numbers. They buy their own books and re-sell them as free so they can advertise a “best seller.”

I hope you have not been a victim of this scam. If you have, I can help you avoid temptation again in the future. If you have not, great! I hope by giving you the skinny you will avoid temptation at all.

A free just pay shipping book offer sounds reasonable right?

In fact, it is not. Here’s why.

A digital copy of a book is easy to produce. A guru can create a digital copy or e-book to share their free expert advice and link back to their website and products and services.

The scammers produce the printed copy so they can charge a shipping fee to make a profit and sell more products and services.

Their friends also make a profit because they buy and sell books too for a piece of the pie. Along with a percentage of book shipping sales, these friends also get affiliate commissions on added sales.

Internet marketers often band together to sell each other’s products and services.

The book itself is a sales tripwire (an irresistible, low-risk offer to get more sales).

Ordering the free book leads to a sales funnel where the seller makes numerous additional offers.

Here are some examples of what they will suggest:

  • expedited shipping
  • an audio version of the book
  • a DVD
  • templates
  • training
  • coaching
  • membership to their site for exclusive content

Then there is the Facebook group to join of course.

Free Just Pay Shipping Book Offer Scam

The books are a sales tool. The information contained in them is often incomplete and lacking the substance needed to carry out the strategies.

Even if the books do provide valuable information, a beginner will not have the skills or foundation to apply the methods.

Once the order is placed, the Internet marketer and their friends have your personal information so they can sell to you by email and phone (SMS).

And, when you join their Facebook group, they have your Facebook contact information so they can sell to you using Facebook Messenger.

Moreover, there could be hidden fees in the shipping details!

Save yourself and avoid these offers. Resist the urge to click on them. Your curiosity will lead you to their sales page and get you hooked. They are good at what they do.

If they have sold thousands of books, then it must be great right?

No. Authors often buy their own books in bulk and have partners buy their books in bulk as well.

They re-sell the books as “free” and recoup their investment in the shipping fee while also making a profit.

Fiction writers do this too. They have their own sales funnels to teach writing courses, sell products, and charge for memberships. They also have Facebook groups to join.

Another tactic they use is to sell the book outright for a traditional amount like $19.95 on Amazon. Then advertise it as a free just pay shipping book offer “for a limited time” on their website.

This way the free book offer looks like a great deal and they have given you the impression of scarcity (you might miss out, oh my!).

Free Just Pay Shipping Book Offer Scam

Did you know you can hire a ghostwriter on Fiverr?

Yes, you too can be an author for a fee, sell all kinds of products and services as an expert, and have a Facebook group.

Here is a roughly outlined scenario that is cheaper to do than you might think:

  • Buy a ready-made website in your chosen niche with pre-written articles.
  • Pay someone on Fiverr or another service to write timely articles for you.
  • Promote like crazy on social media especially Facebook.
  • Build an email list by giving away free stuff.
  • Pay someone on Fiverr or another service to write a book for you.
  • Order the books printed in bulk, about 500 units at $2.00 a piece.
  • Create or pay someone to create your sales funnel and products.
  • Don’t forget to create a Facebook group.
  • Sell the books as a “free just pay shipping book offer.”
  • Network with other Internet marketers to sell your books for commissions.
  • Have another book written.
  • Repeat.
  • Congratulations, you guru you!

No, I am not actually suggesting people do it. This is simply to illustrate the free book offer is misleading.

Free Just Pay Shipping Book Offer

How can these just pay shipping book offers be avoided?

They can’t really be avoided. If you spend much time on Facebook, you will see these types of ads and be tempted at times.

New website owners and Internet marketers need to be especially cautious of these offers. The Internet is rife with scammers ready to take advantage of people trying to learn about website building and marketing.

Free is not free if a credit card is required.

Here’s a tip. If you see an ad for a book you want, search Google for the book title like this: book title pdf. You just might find a pdf copy for free…really…$0 shipping.

If you cannot find a pdf copy, then search Google for the subject. Chances are you will find many useful articles on the subject for free.

Also, professionals often list their e-books for free on Amazon for promotions. Search for your topic and sort the pricing from lowest to highest. While some are just sales pitches (they are usually pretty obvious), there are good digital books that are sometimes free or that cost just a few dollars.

Make a decision to only buy printed books online from a reputable site or your local bookstore.

Quality authors do not waste time on sales tricks. They do not need to and those are the professionals you should seek answers from anyway.

Purchasing a quality book doesn’t need to be expensive and it is better to buy a book without salesy strings attached.

Getting into a sales funnel, now that’s expensive!

Do not fall for one of these offers on impulse and then get into a sales funnel only to be a target for sales pitches again and again.

Save your time and money. Refuse to be tempted by this scam.

Free Just Pay Shipping Book Offer? A Clever Scam

Thank you for reading Free Just Pay Shipping Book Offer? A Clever Scam. Have you fallen for this one? What do you think? Please leave a comment below!


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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. At zero additional cost to you, I might earn a commission if you purchase something through an affiliate link. I only recommend quality merchants I thoroughly research. Thank you for your support!


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